We Seek to Inspire our clients by making them aware of the possibility of creating an architectural concept that will complement their live style. We work closely with our clients and their builder to ensure the project is executed in accordance with the applicable municipal guidelines.


Our philosophy is to work with the client and fulfill their needs while respecting all site conditions off topography, sunlight, and view experiences – but at the same time being sensitive to the neighboring housing fabric


Sustainability is our priority, we encourage our clients to make use of all current sustainability practices including natural light, throughout the house, passive solar heat,, cross- ventilation, water conservation, and the use of green- eco friendly building materials.




Integrating Architecture, Interior Design and Landscape!

Trevor Euley Awarded for Multiple Residential Categories Governor General of Canada Award, for Residential Design  of the district of West Vancouver Design Award Programme!




Your Dream Home Starts with Trevor Euley Designs 

Your home, your dream. If you are looking to build a home that is customized precisely to fit your every need, you have come to the right place.

At Trevor Euley  Awarded for Multiple Residential Categories Designs  we are building with you in mind. As an cutting edge design leader with over four decades of home building knowledge, experience and expertise Trevor  has been setting the example for others to follow with his innovative cutting edge modern sustainable designs



  • Introduction Meeting: an opportunity to ask questions and learn about the custom home design process.
  • Design Consultation: Share your wish list, your favourite designs or features, and the practical needs for your new home.
  • Skcetch Development: Trevor Euley will  create and provide you with hand-drawn design concept – unique to your property and your needs of your custom home.
  • Design Development:  Final approval of the design, the next stage is to create technical drawings, and construction documents to ensure the proposal with applicable building codes and by-laws.
  • Construction: Trevor Euley works closely with his clients and their builder to ensure the project is executed in accordance with the applicable municipal guidelines. He is with you every step of the way to give you the wow factor of cutting edge custom home design. 
Construction Drawings
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The Trevor Euley Design Proces!

With over 35 years of experience designing over 500 of projects, an intimate understanding of the permit process and municipal approvals, and a wealth of consulting partners, Trevor Euley Designs will ensure that your project – from initialization to completion – will be handled with confidence and efficiency. We guarantee a full service experience.

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